Balcony Makeover

(or: This Is Where I Live Now)

(Note: This post is not sponsored, nor was I sent any free products. I just genuinely love everything I bought and wanted to share!)

From the first time I came for a viewing, I’ve loved my current apartment. Because it’s in an older building, the unit is relatively large (at least compared to the other Toronto apartments in my price range), which is good for a self-confessed pack rat like me. It’s a south-facing corner unit, so I get a ton of natural light and I pretty stellar view:

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However, other than looking out the window occasionally, I wasn’t making very good use of that view, nor my balcony. As much as I love the apartment, the balcony…. well, it was basically a concrete slab that housed my satellite dish and my the ass-end air conditioner. It was so unappealing that I only ever bothered to go out there when there were fireworks, and even then I’d come back in as soon as they were done.

Now that I’ve got the inside of the apartment arranged how I want it, I decided it was time to focus my energy on what little outdoor space I have. One of my favourite summer activities is lounging outside with a good book, so why not bring that experience closer to home?

I did the vast majority of my shopping at Canadian Tire, starting with the CANVAS Portland loveseat and table. (Note: Both pieces happened to be on sale when I purchased them, but the original prices are still totally worth it.)

I love how comfortable the loveseat is (better than any of the higher-priced sets I looked at, which was a very nice surprise) and that the fabric is extremely durable. The beige admittedly wouldn’t be my usual pick, but it truly is the most practical choice for outdoor furniture (dark colours will fade too quickly and I’m way too spilly for a really light colour). Thankfully, the CANVAS line also has some nice, bright throw pillows (pictured below) to liven things up a little. As for the table, the lower shelf provides extra space for things like books or blankets, but it also makes a great footrest for me or a little crawlspace for Maury (who bravely joins me out there as long as there aren’t any loud trucks going by).

Unfortunately, as much as I love the initial pieces, the space still looked pretty drab:


Enter the CANVAS Avonlea outdoor rug, also from Canadian Tire. The rug really brought the space together and made it look much brighter and cozier. Pro tip, though: take a car to pick this up. You get some really weird looks on the TTC when you struggle to carry a rug that’s nearly as tall as you are, and in true Toronto fashion, nobody helps you whatsoever. (Also can I just say that I love that I got weird looks for carrying this, but nobody was at all fazed by the guy I once saw clipping his nails on the subway! C’mon, Toronto.)

Next up (a few weeks later) was the CANVAS Portland armchair from the same collection. Although the loveset is great for two people, I figured that someday I might be lucky enough to have two friends over at the same time (dream big, Palmer), so it would be great to be able to accommodate an additional person. Again, I was lucky enough to get the chair on sale, which was especially nice given that its regular price was inexplicably close to the cost of the loveseat. The chair is just as comfortable as the loveseat

The finishing touches included an artificial flower from Winners, a set of gorgeous ceramic tile coasters from Jacaranda Tree, some battery-operated candles from Michael’s (technically meant as Christmas decorations, but I think they work just fine year-round), some throw pillows (two from Canadian Tire and a third that I’ve owned for many years), and two throws that I got (on sale!) from Urban Barn.

Here’s the final product:

Canadian Tire (1)

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It’s now the perfect place to have my morning coffee, work from home, read a book, or catch up with friends over a glass (or three) or wine.

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