Bedroom Mini Makeover

(or: Reorg Out of a Rut)

Editor’s note: This is not a sponsored post. I just really like all the things I bought!

Whenever I feel like I’m in a rut, I reorganize my apartment. Little ruts usually lead to small changes in decor; big ruts can lead to new furniture or moving around existing pieces. After a particularly bad breakup a few years ago, I moved every piece of furniture in my bedroom, giving me a brand new perspective (in more ways than one, actually).

I’ve been meaning to buy a new bed for years. I’d had my old mattress for almost fifteen years: it was uncomfortable, and it held a ton of emotional baggage. But mattresses are expensive, and I always found an excuse to talk myself out of it.

A few weeks ago, I was reading Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass. In one chapter, she talks about finally buying herself a car after deciding not to be “the kind of person who takes what she can get, and finally becoming the kind of person who creates exactly what she wants.” I immediately thought of my albatross of a bed and started researching mattresses.

After doing a bit of reading and asking around, I settled on an Endy mattress. Everyone I spoke to loved them, and I really appreciated that they’re made here in Canada. I tried it out in person at a BoConcept store and then ordered it (and two pillows) the next morning.

I was astonished at how fast the mattress was delivered: I ordered it on Sunday and it was waiting for me when I came home from work on Tuesday. In the meantime, I’d had 1-800-Got-Junk come to take away the wretched old one (including the box spring and frame), making room for my new love:


Per recommendations from a few friends, I unboxed my Endy to  let it air out for a couple of days (it’s not that the mattress smelled bad, but it did have a faint plastic-y scent from the packaging) until I got my new bed frame, which I ordered from Ikea.

After a somewhat frustrating experience picking up my order (made worse when I compared it to how seamless my experience with Endy was!), my dad and I took a couple of hours to build the frame and the drawers. The unit was quite easy to build, and I really love having the additional storage under the bed.


That night–my first sleeping in my new bed–was the best sleep I’d had in years. The mattress hits the sweet spot between firm and soft, and its gel layer kept me cool all night. Much like the mattress, the pillows are the perfect Goldilocks-just-right that support my head and neck while enveloping me in cushion-y softness. (I’m having a really hard time fighting the urge to go lie down for a nap after typing this paragraph.)

The following week, I took a couple of days off leading into the long weekend. I booked a zipcar and spent the day exploring some of the outlets in Scarborough, looking for new decor pieces for my apartment. I was rather successful:


The rug is now beside my bed, so that when I hop out to start my day, my feet are greeted with coziness. Some of the other pieces now sit on my nightstand:


Between the mattress and the new decor, I’m feeling a lot less rut-y and a lot happier with my space in general. I’ve been sleeping better (thanks to the world’s most comfortable mattress), and I’ve even been keeping my bedroom neater. It’s a win all around!

Are you interested in ordering an Endy? Click here to get $50 off your purchase! (Full disclosure: I get money for each referral.)

  1. Devo and I are going to be in the market for a new mattress soon. I figured the Endy mattresses would be pretty expensive, but wow, reasonable prices! How do you like the pillows? It’s sooo hard to find a perfect pillow!



    1. They’re FANTASTIC. I like nice, thick pillows, so I’ve left them at their standard height, but you can adjust them if you like a thinner pillow by removing some of the fill. They even give you a little pouch to store the fill you remove.

      Liked by 1 person


      1. Woah! That’s pretty cool!


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