Bullet Journal Update

(or: BJ 102 if ya still nasty)

It’s been a little over a year since I first posted about my love of (ok, obsession with) bullet journaling. Although I’ve changed up my methods, I still live by this system, and I probably wouldn’t get a single thing done if it wasn’t written down. (I try not to think about what would happen if I lost my journal…)

The biggest change that I made was moving everything into a traveler’s notebook, a decision that was inspired by Boho Berry’s video on the subject. This style of notebook is basically just a front and back cover with a number of elastics that you can use to insert your notebooks by looping them through the elastic. Although the classic bullet journal has everything in a single notebook, I like that it allows me to carry multiple notebooks (I have four) that I use for different purposes: one for work notes, one for personal notes, one for blog planning, and one that I use as my bullet journal.

After lusting over the offerings on another website, only to find that the one I wanted was sold out, I ended up ordering a custom version of this one from NissaMade on Etsy.  I’m actually really happy that I went with her shop instead of the other one: the price was (a lot) better, the nubuck is durable yet incredibly soft (I’ve occasionally found myself petting it), and I love the simple design and chic grey colour. The seller was a dream to work with, and despite it being a custom piece, my order arrived very quickly.



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The other change is somewhat related. Now that I now have separate notebooks for, well,  taking notes, my bullet journal is reserved solely for scheduling. I’ve also combined a few of my previous spreads into a single weekly spread that captures appointments, gratitude, current and future projects, and habits. Here’s what a blank spread looks like before I fill anything in:


I fill out the sections as follows:

  • Schedule: Here, I track important events, like birthdays, deadlines, plans with friends, or medical appointments. Because space is small, I don’t put in all of my meetings; those are tracked in my daily pages.
  • Gratitude: In this column, I list three things I’m grateful for every day. They can be big things like getting a promotion or small things like petting a cute dog in the elevator (arguable whether that second one is really a small thing).
  • Projects: On this side of the spread, I map out my projects for home and work, which are then divided by things I need to do that week and things that I need to keep in mind for the future. These aren’t (usually) the individual tasks I need to complete (like pick up cat food or edit 30 pages of a document), but larger initiatives that I need to make progress on that week (like a document that’s due in a few weeks or an ongoing home improvement project).
  • Habits: In this section, I can track the habits I’m working on forming by checking off which days I completed that habit. For habits that only apply for certain days of the week (for example, I don’t enforce a 10:30 bedtime on Fridays and Saturdays), I simply  put a line through that circle to indicate that I don’t need to worry about it that day.

That’s where I’m at right now with my bullet  journal practice, but I  keep refining and tailoring the system to work exactly how I need it to. I’m sure that by next year (probably even by next month!) I’ll have made some more tweaks that help me stay organized.

For now, I leave you with this outtake that proves (1) who the real star of this post is, and (2) that my cat DGAF what I’m trying to do:

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  1. I debate getting a bullet journal. I want something with a calendar on one side and then a list of the different organizations I work with on the other side. I guess… I want a custom printed daybook.



    1. If you want, I’m happy to help you set up a spread that would meet those requirements? (We could even work on it on the patio, with a couple glasses of rose!)



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