My Favourite Article of Clothing

(or My “Sequence” Jacket)

I know it’s probably a little “extra” to write an entire blog post about a single piece of clothing. It’s probably extra-“extra” when that piece of clothing happens to be a vintage sequined jacket.

But, then, I’m a little extra.

Last year, I went to LA with one of my best friends. We had a wonderful trip, striking the perfect balance of sightseeing and shopping. At one point during our shopping day, I’d wandered away from my friends, completely transfixed by a rack filled with sequined clothing. That’s where I saw it: the most perfect piece of clothing I’d ever laid my eyes on.

“Of course I’d find you with all the sparkly stuff.”

I barely heard what Fiona was saying (sorry) as I pulled the jacket from the rack and waved it in her face. (Sometimes I wonder why she puts up with me.) It was a black sequined jacket that wouldn’t look out of place at an award show in the ’80s.

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Turning and posing in front of the mirror, I kept questioning whether I could pull it off and if I’d ever have anywhere to wear it. After a few minutes of debate, we came to the conclusion that yes, I could pull it off, and that I’d have to make occasions to wear it.

Since then, I’ve found that it’s weirdly versatile. I’ve paired it with shredded jeans for a party and dressed it up with black pants for a colleague’s wedding. (And actually, a fellow wedding guest threatened multiple times to steal it if I ever let it out of my sight. I was pretty sure she was kidding, but not sure enough to take it off when I started to overheat during dinner.) It even came with me to Mexico earlier this year when (brag alert) I won the President’s Circle award at work, where it was the perfect topper for a reception in the desert on our last evening there. (I jokingly offered to let our CEO borrow it when he was cold, and then immediately worried that he might take me up on the offer and I’d never see it again. Thankfully, he didn’t feel it paired well with his jeans and t-shirt. Rookie!)

Even beyond its versatility, it just makes me feel like a badass. I know it seems crazy, but I feel more like myself when I wear this than when I wear anything else. And that’s a pretty sweet feeling.

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