My Halloween Obsession

(or Ghosts of Halloweens Past)

The first time I remember being ridiculously excited for Halloween was when I got to don my She-Ra around the age of 4. My Dad upped the cool factor even further by making me a custom wooden sword; it even had the gemstone in it! (I still have the sword, but unfortunately the gem fell out years ago.)

Although I’ve outgrown trick-or-treating (I mean, society says I have… if it were socially acceptable, I would definitely still do it), I still love all things Halloween: watching scary movies and TV shows, decorating my apartment, and (most of all) putting together costumes. I have some fun Halloween content planned for the rest of the month, including some costume tutorials that I hope will help inspire your spooky side.

In the meantime, here are some of my favourite costumes from years past (including three that–brag alert!–won costume contests three years in a row). Although I don’t make every item from scratch, I have a lot of fun sourcing pieces from costumes shops and thrift stores.

Here they are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. […] Claire wants to go all out for with her haunted house, but tensions in the family interfere with her vision. (I distinctly remember watching this a few years ago while I prepped my Edward Scissorhands costume.) […]



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