Day 2: Morticia Addams

(Or: “Don’t torture yourself, Gomez. That’s my job.”)

I’ve loved Morticia Addams ever since I saw the Addams Family movie back in the early 90s, so when I was putting together my post ideas, I knew that she had to be one of them. (It also helps that I already have an assortment of black clothes, so little to no shopping was required.)


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • primer
  • white costume makeup
  • pale foundation
  • grey, white, and black eyeshadows
  • at least three eyeshadow brushes (one of which is kept clean for blending)
  • translucent powder
  • black eyeliner
  • black mascara
  • a cool-toned contour powder
  • red lipstick and lip brush
  • a long black dress (or black top and long skirt)
  • a long black wig

For extra credit, you can add in any of the items below:

  • very pale concealer
  • false lashes
  • pointed-tip cotton buds
  • black or silver jewelry
  • a skull, a rose, or any other Morticia-like props

I started out by applying two different pore-refining primers because I’m a little extra like that, and Morticia doesn’t have any visible pores (whether that’s movie magic or Angelica Huston’s superb genes is up for debate). Then I mixed the pale foundation with the white cream foundation (I got mine at the dollar store) in approximately equal parts and applied to my face (including eyelids), neck, ears, and chest with a damp beauty blender.

Once I was sufficiently pale, I went in with a pale concealer mixed with the white cream makeup to cover a blemish on my chin and my undereye circles. Next, I set everything with the translucent powder; HOWEVER, I would strongly recommend waiting to do so until after you’ve finished your eye makeup. There were a few places that would have bit a lot easier to clean up if I could just go in with some makeup on a cotton bud, but unfortunately I couldn’t do that once I’d powdered.

I had a really hard time getting the eyeliner right. Not only am I not used to lining all the way around my eye, but I loathe lining my waterlines. Like, I actually don’t get how other people do this so easily… it makes my eyes water like crazy and I want to tear them out about three seconds in. When I looked closely at my reference photo, I saw that her wing is angled upward more than I’m used to (and more so than typically works with my eye shape), so it took a few tries to find a good compromise.

The shadow also took me out of my comfort zone. I started by applying a shimmery white from my lashline to my browbone. Next, I used a smaller brush to apply a cool-toned grey in my crease, following the shape of the wing I’d already done with liner. I darkened it up at the outer corners using a matte black, and then blended everything with a clean brush.

Although it doesn’t look like she’s wearing false lashes, I felt that I needed some to add the amount of drama I think Morticia deserves. I added those and then used a bit of black mascara on my lower lashes.

I struggled a bit with the contour, and to be honest I’m still not overly happy with the result. I thought that my usual shade would be cool-toned enough, but I think I needed something that’s even a little cooler and probably at least one shade lighter. With a lot of blending, it was mostly passable, but given the chance to do it over, I’d definitely invest in a different product.

Her lip colour was warmer than I’d remembered, so I combined my favourite cool-toned blue with a nice tomato red to get the shade I wanted, applying it with a lip brush to get the precision that Morticia demands.

Once I was in my black top and skirt, long wig, and goth-y jewelry, I was ready to swan around the apartment with a skull and some flowers. I even tried to get Maury to tango with me, but… let’s just say it was less than successful.


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