Day 3: Annie Wilkes

(Or: “Can’t suture… Got to cauterize.”)

Is it any sursprise that one of my costumes is from a Stephen King novel? It’s probably even less surprising that I chose something from one of my top three favourite King novels (The Shining, Misery, and 11/22/63, in case you were curious).

When I was planning out the costume, I had a hard time deciding whether to go with book Annie or movie Annie. Although I’m someone who typically prefers a book over a film adaptation, even I have to admit that Kathy Bates is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic (I’d even go so far to say iconic) in that role. In the end, I decided to combine Kathy’s general look with the axe from the book (the film replaces it with a sledgehammer to make it slightly less horrific).

At minimum, you’ll need the following items:

  • a turtleneck
  • a cardigan or flannel shirt
  • a gold necklace (she wore a cross, but I substituted a plain medallion)
  • a prop axe or sledgehammer (depending on whether you prefer the book or the film)

For extra credit, you can add

  • fake blood
  • a wig (my hair was pretty much the right length already)
  • contour powder
  • a small detail brush
  • neutral blush

After a weekend of back-to-back, makeup-heavy costume looks (which you’ll see in upcoming posts), I was really glad that this one required little to no makeup.

To age myself up a bit, I used the contour powder and the detail brush to deepen the lines around my mouth and nose. I also applied a tiny bit of neutral cream blush to mimic her ruddy skin. The last step was to pin the front of my hair off to one side and arrange my face into the deadest, most vacant look I could muster.

Once I’d taken the pre-hobbling shot above, I put some fake blood on the axe and then splashed some on my face to get an “action shot” and one of the aftermath. In the book, King specifies that during the hobbling, her hair came loose from its pins, so I took the pin out and let my hair hang haphazardly in front of my face (well, as haphazardly as I could without getting any fake blood in it; that shit stains!).


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