Day 4: Lydia Deetz

(Or: “My whole life is a dark room.”)

Much like my internal debate between book-Annie and movie-Annie, I had trouble choosing between movie-Lydia and cartoon-Lydia. The Beetlejuice cartoon was a huge part of my childhood–and is probably the reason that I love a good cape. As with Annie, I settle on a combination of the two: movie-Lydia’s general style, but with a cape over top to pay homage to my favourite cartoon.


At minimum, you’ll need the following items:

  • a black wig
  • pale makeup
  • neutral eyeshadow
  • two purple eyeshadows: one warm reddish one and a dark one
  • at least three eyeshadow brushes (one of which is kept clean for blending)
  • liquid eyeliner
  • black mascara
  • black clothing

For extra credit, you can add

  • a black hat
  • a black choker (ideally lace)
  • a cape
  • any additional Lydia-ish accessories you happen to like.

I started out with the pale foundation from the zombie tutorial, applied with a beauty blender. Then I used a pale concealer to cover up any blemishes, but I didn’t bother doing anything about my undereye circles because Lydia’s are pretty epic.  A

When I looked closely at my reference photo, I saw that her eye makeup is pretty natural (I mean, as natural as anything looks on Lydia). I applied a very thin line of liquid liner right along my upper lashline and then blended a cool-toned, neutral eyeshadow into my crease. To mimic the look of her undereye circles, I blended the two purple shadows where I’m naturally a little shadowy. I finished up the eyes with a coat of mascara.

Lydia’s bangs posed a bit of a challenge. First off, none of the black wigs I already owned had bangs, and I was too cheap to buy another one. Instead, I cut bangs into an old wig I already had and coated them with gel to shape them and try to get them to stay in place Even with the hat on, though, the bangs kept separating in the middle… until I gave up on finding an elegant solution and just taped them directly to my skin.

Once I put on the skirt from the Morticia costume, a black top, and my cape, I felt ready to visit the Netherworld.



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