Day 5: Log Lady

(Or: “My log has something to tell you.”)

Anyone who’s ever talked to me about TV probably knows that I’m obsessed with Twin Peaks. I love the original series, the return, and even Fire Walk With Me (I know). It was a struggle to limit myself to only a couple Twin Peaks costumes, and an even bigger challenge to decide which two.

After a lot of thought, I decided on one from the original series and one from the return (hint for a future costume!). Although I love every character, my choice for the original series had to be Margaret Lanterman, aka The Log Lady.

Cooper: Who’s the lady with the log?

Truman: We call her the log lady.

At minimum, you’ll need the following items:

  • red frames
  • a wig with bangs
  • a turtleneck
  • a cardigan
  • a log (real or fake)

For extra credit, add

  • black pencil eyeliner
  • neutral blush
  • cool-toned contour powder
  • a lip brush (or other brush that can be used for small detailing)

I started with her makeup, which is quite minimal. I saw a bit of black pencil liner smudged around her eyes (but subtly), a bit of neutral blush, and a little concealer. After completing those basics, I deepened the lines around my mouth and between by eyebrows using the same cool-toned contour powder that I’ve used for other costumes.

Then, I put on my turtleneck, cardigan, and brown wig. I looked in so many stores this weekend to find red-framed reading (or costume) glasses, but I couldn’t find any that were the right shape. Instead, I bought a pair of cheap sunglasses with red frames and popped out the lenses (if you do this carefully, you can pop them back in again when you’re done with the costume).

The final step was lovingly cradling the log pillow I found on Amazon–purchased partially for this costume, but also just because I like the way it looks on my couch.

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