Day 10: Joyce Byers

(Or: “I sound crazy… You think I don’t know that?”)

Confession: I actually had a whole other post planned for today. But when I realized that it’s the season 2 premiere of Stranger Things, I clearly had to scrap that other post. I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been for a new season to hit Netflix–and that’s saying something because I’m obsessed with both Orange Is the New Black and Jessica Jones. I’ll likely spend the day counting down the seconds until I can run home and binge-watch.

When I was picking a character to dress up as, I hesitated to pick Joyce because I’d already dressed up as a Winona Ryder character… but then I realized that there’s actually no such thing as too much Winona. If anything, this world needs more Winona.

Winona forever!


At minimum, you’ll need the following items:

  • brown wig with bangs
  • striped shirt
  • green jacket
  • string lights

Ideally, I would have either found another wig for this costume, or cut this one into Joyce’s iconic mullet, but… I really like this wig, and there was no way I was taking scissors to it. I did try to separate the bangs to make them a little piecier, so hopefully that’s enough to give the right effect.

There’s not a ton to her makeup, so I think it’s fine to go with or without it. Because my skin is pretty angry at me right now after so much costume makeup, I just covered up some blemishes with a little concealer and put on a tiny bit of mascara.

Beyond that, all that I had to do was try to achieveĀ Winona eyes.



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