The Secret Diary of Julie Palmer: Part 2

(or F–k, I Was an Awkward Pre-teen)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had some more diary entries to post. These ones are from when I was around middle school age, and they’re just as awkward as the first batch–actually, more so.

Here they are, with my present-day commentary.

August 19, 1994 (10 years old)

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I haven’t wrote [sic] for a while, but I’ve been away. While I was Devon’s, I met her friend [REDACTED]. I don’t like her that much, but I told Devon I did. (Ed: Sorry Devon! If it helps, I’ve never heard you talk about this person since, so maybe you didn’t like her all that much either?) When we left, Devon called the girls cows and they called us BEEPs. You know what that means, right Diary? It was so mean.

Devon tried to teach me how to climb trees, but I couldn’t. I shaved my legs! (Ed: Presumably not while trying to climb the trees? Although that would definitely explain why I couldn’t do it.)

September 4, 1994 (10 years old)

Summer is over! Another year of boring old school. Well, I’d better inform you of what’s happened lately. (Ed: Yes, because the goings-on of a ten year old’s life are v important.)

While Virginia was here (I still miss her!!!!) We went to Marine Land and went on the bear ride, the Viking Boat (which we both hated), and the swings. Then we saw the marine show and ate at a buffet. (Ed: Again we continue the trend of me talking about the food. Thankfully not as awkward as “hey grandpa died also I ate McDonalds”.)

Today Hana let me have Emilie and Barbara over for a party. Hana taught us a dance and helped us with ours. We might do it at the talent show! (Ed: We totally did. It was to Paula Abdul’s Cold Hearted Snake, and it was embarrassing. Also, I’m pretty sure that Barb and I both still know most of the moves. There were a lot of hand motions.) While we were dancing, Emilie was making fun of me and it really hurt my feelings.

Good night! I’m ZONKED. (Ed: Dying at this sign-off. Might use it for all future correspondence.)

May 8, 1995 (11 years old)

I’m not mad at Erin and Tina anymore. (Ed: I looked through the previous entries, but I can’t find any explanation for why or when I was mad at them.) Today we went to the mall with Jeff, Chris, and Dan to buy Mr. Allen’s present. I’m going to be so sad when he’s not our teacher anymore! None of the grade 7 teachers are that nice.

I am beginning to see Mom’s point when she says that Christy is a better friend than [REDACTED] will ever be. She has been acting so mean to me lately! I don’t know why. What do you think it is, Diary? (Ed: I ask my diary of  lot of questions during this phase. I have no idea what I thought that would achieve. Like, did I think someone would come and write the answer in?)

December 23, 1995 (12 years old)

Today Christy and I exchanged gifts. She got me the pen I’m writing with right now, a diary, earrings, and a really pretty hairbow. She always gets me such good gifts!

We had a dance yesterday. It was OK, but I didn’t get to dance with you know who. (Ed: I say “you know who” an awful lot, but looking back I have no idea who I’m talking about (I don’t know who!). I did have a huge crush on one of my classmates that lasted well into high school but I don’t think I met him until grade 8.)

I went to Dev’s last night and had a sleepover. It was so fun! Well, except the tree fell over. It was so weird! We were sitting in the den watching tv and heard a huge CRASH! The tree fell down. By the way, it was a Christmas tree. (Ed: Dying. Also, Devon, you can use this to FINALLY vindicate us after all of these years. I think your Mom still thinks we had something to do with it!)

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! On Monday I get to see mom and dad open their presents. (Ed: Yeah. Right. You wanted to open your own presents, but thought this sounded better! Come off it, baby Palmer!) 


March 17, 1996 (12 years old)

Today was like the happiest day of my entire life! I met Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman on Y&R!!!) I got an autographed picture that he looks totally hot in and a polariod with him. (Ed: I’m so sad that I don’t have this anymore because it was peak 90s. I was wearing a matching denim jacket and jeans and my hair was crimped. If I remember correctly, I even talked my mom into letting me wear lipstick–specifically a bright magenta Avon sample that I found in her bathroom.)

When I walked away, he told me to stay cool!!! (Ed: And I’m sure I’m the only one he said that to…) 

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