Introducing: Wellness Wednesdays

(or Look, Ma! A Weekly Series!)

A few weeks ago, I asked one of my best friends for ideas of what I could blog about. She suggested I do a weekly series. I loved the idea, but was having trouble thinking of a topic that I could make into a series.

I let the idea percolate while I was focused on my 12 Days of Costumes. It had to be something broad enough that I could do it weekly but not run out of ideas, and something I enjoyed enough that I wouldn’t be sick of it after three weeks. I also kind of wanted something alliterative, because I’m super cheesy like that.

Then, while I was looking through some of my old posts last week, it hit me: wellness. Those were the posts that I felt most attached to. Those were the posts that were the most rewarding to write. Those were the posts people seemed most interested in.

Starting next Wednesday, I’ll be posting a weekly wellness feature. My definition of wellness is pretty broad, as I’m using it to encompass things like mental heath, exercise, diet, self esteem, and even organization and planning (both of which have been key to my own wellness).

If you have any wellness-related topics you’d be interested in seeing, hit me up in the comments!



  1. Organization! I love your posts about being more organized.



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