2017 Holiday Decor Trends

(or My Christmas Starts… NOW!)

Everyone has a different measure for when it’s socially acceptable to start celebrating the holidays, whether it’s after Remembrance Day, after US Thanksgiving, or not until December 1. For me, the holidays really start the day of the Jolly Holly Festive Tour in my home town.

The tour always runs the weekend closest to Remembrance Day and is organized by a local women’s organization. During the tour, you get to visit (and walk through!) five homes that have been decorated for the holidays, usually with a mix of the homeowner’s decorations and ones provided by local stores (most of whom offer a discount for ticket holders).

My mom and I make a whole day of it: we start with breakfast, tour the houses for inspiration, grab a quick lunch, and then hit up the stores for new additions to our decor. I love that anything I buy during that weekend always has those special mother-daughter memories attached to it that I get to reminisce about when I decorate my apartment.

2017-11-12 04.53.31 1.jpg

This year’s purchases

Something I’ve noticed the past few years is that like everything else, Christmas decor has its own trends. Some years the decor skews handmade, using natural textures and fibers. Other years, the decor is more minimalist or understated.

Here are the main trends that we saw this year.

(Note: You can’t take photos at the houses, but I managed to find a lot of these trends in the stores themselves.)

1. Maximalism

I mentioned above that a few years ago, minimalism ruled supreme. This year, the trend could not have gone more the other way. The table settings were lavish, the trees (often more than one in each home) were heavily adorned, pillows were intricately beaded, and nearly every surface was decorated in some way. Here are just some of the tableware options they offered at Art of Home:

2017-11-12 01.08.19 1.jpg


My main goal every Christmas is to make it look like the holiday spirit flew through my apartment and profusely barfed sparkly joy (in a good way, though… sorry for the gross imagery), so I was quite pleased to see that the homeowners had taken a similar approach.

2. Feathers

A lot of the houses used feathers in their decor. Some used them to decorate their tree, while others had entire wreaths made of feathers. Although this won’t work for me (my cat destroys anything feathery), I absolutely love the look of it. I particularly enjoyed this feathery tree that I saw in our travels (and not just because it also demonstrates the next trend, too):

2017-11-12 01.08.13 1.jpg

3. Unconventional Colours

Obviously red and green are the colours most closely associated with Christmas. (Red and green for Christmas? Groundbreaking.) This year, though there were a lot of other hues like grey, blue, and even pink. You might have noticed in the picture I posted earlier that I totally hopped on this trend when picking out new pillows for my couch.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for millenial pink.

4. Small Signs

Thinking back, I believe that all of the houses had at least one of these little signs with a cute festive saying. I loved these ones from Second Star to the Right:

(By the way, this place sells my absolute favourite candles. If you’re in the KW/Cambridge area, stop in and pick up the Buttered Maple Syrup candle. It’s the most delicious smell in the world.)

5. Lanterns

So many of the houses had lanterns that were filled with decorations and/or lights. Although they looked gorgeous during the day, I’d imagine that they get even better at night when you can get the full effect of the lights. If you want to go the DIY route, Lowes has these little lanterns that you can fill with the decor of your choice:

2017-11-12 01.08.12 1.jpg

As I mentioned, my mom’s coming over next weekend, and we’re going to decorate my apartment together. So you can expect another holiday decor post next Monday. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your holiday traditions. How early do you start decorating?


  1. Hi 🙂 I love your content and wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog. Hope you’re having a lovely day!

    A- simplylovely90.com



    1. YOU DID?! That’s so kind. Thank you so much! I’m really glad that you’ve been enjoying it!



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