Favourite Christmas Episodes

Christmas episodes are my favourite thing to watch when I don’t have time for a full Christmas movie. Here are some of my favourites, all of which are available to stream here in Canada.

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10. Full House, “Our Very First Christmas Special” (S2, E9)

Although I was a Full House addict when the show originally aired, I don’t remember ever having seen this episode until just a few weeks ago when my mom and I were looking for something to watch on Netflix. The story’s cute (the Tanners spend Christmas stuck at the [very obviously pre-9/11] airport), but their sweaters are the real stars of this show.

Available on Netflix and Google Play.

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9. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “Christmas Show” (S2, E13)

Another episode with some great sweaters (peep Carlton’s sweet ensemble above), this time on a skiing trip in Utah where things go awry. My favourite part of this episode (and, let’s face it, any episode) is Carlton treating his family to a musical performance.

Available on Netflix and Google Play.

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8. Friends, “The One With The Routine” (S6, E10)

This one is a bit of a bonus because it includes both Christmas and New Years scenes. Although I love the Christmas-y bit where Phoebe and Rachel convince Chandler to help them search for presents, it’s Ross and Monica’s “routine” that’s most memorable.

Available on Netflix and Google Play.

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7. Glee, “A Very Glee Christmas” (S2, E10)

It’s music, it’s Christmas, it’s pure joy (no “glee” pun intended). My favourite part of this episode is the duet to “Baby It’s Cold Outside” pictured above.

Available on Netflix and Google Play.

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6. South Park, “Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo” (S1, E9)

I had a hard time choosing between this episode and “Woodland Critter Christmas” (S8, E14), but ultimately I decided that this episode was just slightly more memorable. Plus, when I looked up the season and episode number on the South Park Wiki, I thoroughly enjoyed that Mr. Hankey’s race is listed as “feces.”

Available on CraveTV and Google Play.

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5. Community, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” (S2, E11)

I just realized how many of these episodes are from season 2 of their respective shows. Weird. Anyway, this super-weird ode to stop-motion Christmas specials is such a treat.

Available on Google Play.

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4. My So-Called Life, “So Called Angels” (S1, E15)

I am so mad at myself right now for not including MSCL in my Halloween post. Hopefully its inclusion here makes up for it! Maybe it’s the spirit of this time of year, or maybe I’m just a weepy person, but this episode makes me cry every time I watch it. Like every other episode, it’s the perfect combination of heart-warming and heart-breaking.

Available on Google Play.

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3. Seinfeld, “The Srike” (S9, E10)

One of my favourite things about Seinfeld is how many truly memorable storylines they’ve had, often within a single episode. In addition to the introduction of Fesitvus, this one also has the Human Fund, Jerry’s two-faced girlfriend, Kramer’s strike at H&H bagels, and the fake phone number.

Available on CraveTV.

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2. The Office, “Christmas Party” (S2, E10)

Not only is this my favourite Christmas episode of The Office, it’s my favourite episode oversall. Two words: the teapot.

Available on Netflix and Google Play.

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1. Community, “Regional Holiday Music” (S3, E10)

Although this is my favourite Christmas episode, I can’t pick a favourite thing about it. There’s just so much to love: the “Baby Boomer Santa” song, the running joke about regionals, Annie’s turn as a “sexy Christmas baby”, Britta being a tree, Troy and A…

…Yep, that’s it. Troy and Abed’s rap is my favourite thing (Troy and Abed  are my favourite thing about the show in general). In case you haven’t watched it yet today, check it out:

Available on Google Play.

Did I miss your favourite episodes? Let me know in the comments! (And not just because I’m always looking for new ones to watch.)

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