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I’ve gone through just about every style phase that you can imagine. In high school, I spent an ill-advised year trying to combine California surfer girl with emo-punk… even though I was decidedly neither Californian nor punk, and those two looks don’t really “go” together. Late in University, I was suddenly really into all things prim and proper: pearls, sweaters with bows, and an overwhelming amount of tweed. For my first few years in the workforce, I decided to completely eschew proper outerwear. For an entire winter, I wore layered sweaters and blazers with kitten-heel shoes and no socks. Might I remind you that I live in Canada. I don’t know how I didn’t freeze to death.

After all of this trial and (a shocking amount of) error, I seem to have finally found a style that works for me. Sure, maybe in ten years I’ll look back at this as just another phase, but I finally feel less like I’m dressing to fit a specific mold, and more so like I’m just dressing in a way that makes me feel comfortable. If I had to give a name to this style that I’ve landed on, I guess I’d call it “semi-casual vintage goth, with a twist”.

Let’s break it down.


2017-12-17 04.08.41 1.jpg

Although I like getting dressed up for special occasions, I don’t love situations (or jobs) that require a specific dress code. Maybe it’s some sort of weird rebelliousness I didn’t know I had in me, but the idea of having to dress formally every day just makes my soul want to curl up and die. That’s not a judgement on people who do dress formally or who have chosen professions that require them to; it’s just a personal preference.

I used to be really into dresses and skirts, and I didn’t understand why anyone would encase their legs in fabric when they could experience the freedom of a dress or skirt. Although I still love a good dress on a really hot day, for the majority of the year, I feel more like myself in pants–ideally jeans, preferably ripped.


2017-12-17 04.08.40 1.jpg

It’s not so much that I wear a lot of vintage clothes (real talk: it’s hard to buy vintage when you’re larger than straight sizes), but a lot of the clothes I like have a bit of a throw-back sensibility to them. For example, I love my new-to-me leopard coat because it reminds me of something Edie Sedgwick might have worn en route to Warhol’s Factory.

I’ve also bought a few handbags that are either vintage or vintage-inspired. The black one and the silver one in the photo are both from vintage stores in LA and Toronto, respectively. The green one isn’t vintage (I think I might have bought it at Aldo years ago), but it has a similar look, which I’ve played into by adding my Grandma’s cameo pin.


2017-12-17 04.08.39 1.jpg

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point, I started dressing mostly in black. I had kind of registered it when I no longer needed to separate my laundry, but I could no longer ignore my monochrome life when the cashier at Tim Horton’s referred to me as “The Black Lady,” explaining to me (when I must have looked very confused) that she’d noticed that I wore black every day. Similarly, just a few weeks ago, I got asked multiple times if I was in a Halloween costume when wearing the top and hat pictured above (in their defense, it was the weekend before Halloween, but maybe don’t ask someone if they’re dressed as a witch unless you’re SURE that it’s a costume, or they’re at a party…).

In addition to preferring black (or other dark neutrals), I’m also not a huge fan of most things with a print–loud florals being one exception. It’s the kind of thing that I see on other people and think it looks great, but as soon as I try it on, I don’t feel like myself. As a result, most pieces in my closet are solid colours.

With a Twist

Processed with VSCO

I’ve never met a sparkle, glitter, or sequin that I didn’t like. I mean, I wrote an entire blog post about a single sequined jacket. That’s love.

Although most items in my closet are solids, I do love a good texture or unexpected detail, like a bell sleeve or tie-neck. One of my favourite sweatshirts has these really dramatic, flowy sleeves that I just love even though they’re forever getting in my way. (It’s all I can do not to flap my arms like wings whenever I wear it.)

What’s your signature style? Do you have a specific piece or type of clothing that makes you feel most like you? Tell me about it in the comments!

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post- You have a great ton and I felt like I could relate to more then a few of your comments{{I ❤️ALL THIS GLITTERY 😍😍😍}} My style is definitely eclectic- one day I love a girl dress and then the next I want to wear tight leather pants and with a sleeveless tee. I guess just being able to express my moods is what makes me feel like myself in clothing

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  2. The Spine Cracker December 19, 2017 at 12:53 PM

    Prepared to get a lot of Halloween costume comments with all the black clothes. Small children think I am a vampire.

    Great post!

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  3. I think you and I have gone on similar journeys with similar destinations. I dress almost exclusively in black, mostly because that’s an easy habit to fall into working in food service, but as long as I’m the one who’s comfortable it’s all good, right?



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