Inspiration on YouTube

Before last year, my YouTube usage was pretty much limited to occasional cat videos, tutorials for something specific, and old favourites like Potter Puppet Pals and Kittens Inspired By Kittens.

Then I got hooked on beauty gurus like Allana Davison and KathleenLights, who in turn introduced me to others. In addition to being entertaining, I started to see YouTube as a place to get inspiration for various parts of my life. Here are some of the videos and accounts that I’ve found most inspirational.

For fitness inspiration…

I’ve already talked about my love for Yoga With Adriene, so I’m sure it’s no surprise that she’s top on this list. Her yoga video for complete beginners was what finally inspired me to get off my butt and try it… AND NOW I LOVE IT! Granted, I still don’t love going to public classes (I’m really self-conscious), but I do look forward to hanging out with my girl Adriene a few mornings a week.

For inspiration to get things done…

I find most of  Kalyn Nicholson’s videos to be inspiring, as she tackles a lot of tough topics like loneliness and mental health. In particular, I love her concept of GYST (Get Your Shit Together) days so much that I’ve implemented them for myself. It’s so rewarding to get everything sorted for the week ahead (and then to actually reward yourself with a nice dinner or a movie).

For planning inspiration…

Yep, another one from Kalyn Nicholson. In my defense, I sat here for an absurdly long time trying to decide whether to post this video or the one above, but it was impossible. This video is what inspired me to pick up a couple of whiteboard calendars to plan out my blog posts, and my blogging life (and life in general) has been so much better for it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also include Boho Berry here. Her bullet journal videos are amazing, and they always inspire me to up my journal planning game (although if I’m honest, none of my spreads ever come out as stunning as hers).

For organization inspiration…

Carly Cristman’s closet is a thing of beauty (and not just because we both like neutrals). I love watching any of her videos that show her closet and talk about how she keeps it organized.

Do you have any go-to YouTubers when you’re looking for inspiration? Share them in the comments!

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