Resolution Help

For years, I didn’t make resolutions. I was tired of making them only to ditch them after about a week, so I just decided to forget the whole thing. But this year, I’m determined that my resolutions are going to stick.

I think my problem in past years was a lack of tools to support me. Here are some that I think could help all of us with wellness-related resolutions.

If your resolution is to get organized…

I’ve talked before about my love of bullet journaling, as well as how I use Asana to complete projects. Either (or both!) of those are great options for tracking what you need to get done. I’d also strongly recommend that you read Getting Things Done, which will give you a framework for planning and executing your projects.


For planning out my blog posts, my dry erase calendars are vital. (I use two so that I can plan two months at a time.) I find it really helpful to be able to see which blog posts need to be written and when they go live, as well as what else I’ve got going on in terms of my day job or appointments. The fact that it’s dry erase makes it really easy to swap things out if I get a really cool idea midweek.

If your resolution involves developing better habits of any kind…

I already mentioned the Loop habit tracker app in my resolutions post, but I feel it’s worth mentioning again here. There’s something so satisfying about clicking that little checkmark when I’ve completed a habit for the day!

2018-01-02 04.45.35 1.jpg

The app also allows you to set reminders for your habits so that your phone prompts you to complete them. You can also choose to make them “sticky” so that you can’t clear the reminder until you’ve actually completed the habit and checked it off for the day.

If your resolution is to be more active…

Fitbit is a great investment if walking is your workout of choice. It’s really rewarding to feel it buzz when you’ve reached your steps goal for the day–and it’s super easy to walk in place in front of the TV if you’re home for the day but haven’t quite got there. (What? They’re still steps!)

I also really like using the app Zombies, Run! when I’m out for a walk (despite the name, you can actually use it for walking). You can still listen to your music while you’re walking, and the app automatically pauses it to update you on your mission.

If your resolution is to read more…

I love the Goodreads Reading Challenge because it shows me where I’m at in terms of my goal (e.g., one book ahead, three books behind). The site also helps me track the books I want to read by allowing me to create lists.

Although I love physical books, I have to admit that I read a lot faster on an ereader or (in my case) using the Kobo app on a tablet. Especially when I’m reading a long novel (I’m looking at you, Stephen King!), it’s a lot more convenient to carry around a small tablet than a massive hardcover.

If your resolution is to save money…

Gail Vaz-Oxlade (of Princess and Til Debt Do Us Part fame) has a number of resources available on her website, including an interactive budget worksheet. (Note: The worksheet assumes the budget is for a heterosexual couple, which is kind of lame, but the tool is otherwise useful.) Having these sorts of tools is helpful if you’re someone who’s not used to budgeting and might otherwise be apt to forget to budget for something important like your hydro bill.

Once you’ve got your budget sorted, you can use one of the budgeting apps like Mint or Wally to help you stay on track with what you’re spending and how much you’re saving. Both apps let you track your expenses and keep you honest about how healthy your finances actually are.

Do you have any tools that help you keep your resolutions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

  1. Just downloaded Loop Habit and I already love it! Thanks for the suggestion!

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