Marvel Marathon Madness

I feel like this is tantamount to blasphemy for a lot of people, but I used to be pretty lukewarm on all things Marvel. Sure, I enjoyed Joss Whedon’s Avengers movies, and I loved Jessica Jones, but I couldn’t be bothered to watch any of the other movies or TV shows. That is, until I found out that Taika Waititi had directed the newest Thor movie. I rushed out to see it and finally fell in love with the whole thing. That Taika, man. He knows what he’s doing.

Now before some fan-person calls me a bandwagon jumper, let me clarify: yes, that’s completely, totally, 100% what’s going on here. I can’t deny it. I’m like those sudden-Jays fans from a couple years ago who’d never watched a game but were suddenly decked out head to toe in their gear. But whatever; I’m still excited.

As fun as dressing up as Iron Man every day would be, my newfound fandom is expressed less so by clothing and more so by finally catching up on everything I’ve missed. Even though I loved Thor: Ragnarok, there were a few references that went straight over my head, like why Loki was so into that blue cube (which is word-for-word how I asked my coworker the question) (yes, I know now that this was covered in the first Avengers, but for some reason I have zero memory of it).

To help me better understand everyone’s backstories (the aforementioned “blue cube” included), I’ve decided to (try to) watch all of the movies in story order before Avengers: Infinity Wars comes out. Originally, I’d hoped that I’d be able to fit in the TV shows, too, but that feels like it’s a bit (ok, a lot) much to watch in less than five months. Instead, I’m going to focus just on the movies and the Agents of Shield series.

The first step of my mission was to figure out what order I should be watching in. For that, I found this article that shows the story order of all the Marvel movies and TV shows. Using that piece as a basis, I put together a spreadsheet that I could use to track my progress, as well as which movies and shows were available from which sources.

I linked the spreadsheet in case anyone else is as crazy as I am and wants to give this a shot. The availability I have listed is specific to Canada, so you might need to update it if you live elsewhere. I’ve also put in a story order column in case you decide to sort them and then need to re-sort into the correct order. You can also use the filters on the type column to just see TV shows or just see movies.

I’ve already started on my extended marathon, having watched Captain America: The First Avenger and both seasons of Agent Carter. Captain America isn’t so much my jam, but I recognize that I kind of had to watch that one to understand a lot of what happens in later movies. Agent Carter, though… I am SO glad that I watched that before I decided that I didn’t have time for the movies. I can never get enough of a strong, take-no-bullshit woman kicking ass (and standing up for herself!). Next up is Iron Man, which I’ve actually already seen, but I can’t remember what happens. (I’m starting to think that I have some sort of Marvel-specific amnesia…)

What are your thoughts on all things Marvel? Am I nuts for coming into it this late and trying to catch up? Will I miss too many important things by skipping the tv shows? Help me!

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