Loving It: My New Duvet

Few things make me more irritable than not being able to sleep. The second I start tossing and turning, I’m immediately angry. If I’m too hot or cold, or my legs are itchy, or I just can’t turn off my brain… it just all… UGH. And don’t you dare disturb my slumber.

Because of my mental health issues, I’m extra careful about getting enough sleep, especially now that I’m no longer taking Prozac. When I’m tired, I’m less resilient, and when I’m less resilient, I’m more prone to symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. To help keep those jerks at bay, I’ve taken some steps to improve my sleep quality.

Upgrading to an Endy mattress was the first step in optimizing my sleep setup. I no longer have any problem finding a comfortable sleeping position; I can just flop onto the bed however I land and I’m good. I cannot recommend this mattress enough. It was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.


When I set it up, I just used the bedding I already had, including my quilt. I switched to quilts years ago, figuring that because they’re thin, they’d be better at keeping me cool. My first inkling that I might have been wrong came last summer when I was travelling for work. The hotel had this dreamy, fluffy duvet on the bed that felt like a cloud. I was a bit worried that the thickness of it would have me boiling by 1 AM, but I slept as soundly and peacefully as an elderly cat (I never get why people say “slept like a baby” when babies are known to be terrible sleepers).

I didn’t think about the duvet again until my landlord turned on the heat this winter. I don’t have control over the heat in my unit, and don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful that he’s not one of those shitty, cheap-ass landlords who sets the heat just at the legal limit. But… I’d also love if the temperature in my room didn’t reach 8 billion degrees every night.

One morning, in a pre-dawn fit of overheated pique, I started looking for a solution. A quick search seemed to suggest that there were duvets that could help with temperature control, which immediately reminded me of that bed of clouds I’d slept on months earlier.

So, over the Christmas holidays, I set out on a mission to find myself the perfect new bedding.

2018-01-14 11.44.40 1.jpg

I knew that I wanted to buy it at Quilts etc, which is also where I’d purchased my quilt.  My aunt had bought one there months earlier and had raved to my mom about how much she loved it. The staff at the Kitchener location were extremely helpful in pointing me toward one that combines Tencel (not “tinsel”, as I thought she said at first) and microgel to help regulate temperature. The cover I chose also has Tencel, making it super-smooth and cool to the touch. Everything’s also fully reversible, so if I get bored of flowers, I can switch to the pink and beige watercolour print on the other side.

2018-01-14 11.44.39 1.jpg

I’m two weeks into duvet life and I think I’m already a convert. My biggest concern was that getting the duvet into (and out of) the cover would be a pain in the ass, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I’ve been sleeping really well since getting it, despite the temperature being cranked up even higher during a cold spell. I feel really well-rested in the morning. I used to be someone who read in the living room, but now I love nothing more than sliding under the duvet to fit in my daily chapters.

2018-01-14 11.00.42 1.jpg

…Really, the only problem is having to get out from under it in the morning.

  1. This looks super great. The color and it’s ambience is magnificent. From where have you ordered this. Please let me know thank you.

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thanks! It’s from Quilts Etc, which is now called QE Home.



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