How to Get Out of a Rut

I’ve been in a rut lately… but I’m climbing out of it! Here’s how.

I’m coming off the tail end of kind of a “blah” couple of weeks. I’m always a little bummed out after Christmas (in case you couldn’t tell by the approximately 8,000 posts I did, I’m pretty into the holidays), so it wasn’t entirely unexpected when I started to feel bored and restless. It didn’t help matters that my friends were all ready busy, so I spent about two weeks all by myself, just going to work, coming home, doing it all over again.


If I’m honest, there are still some aspects of my life that are feeling a bit rut-y, but in general things are looking up. If you’re also stuck in a bit of a rut, here are some things you might want to try.

Take Yourself Out

One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling rut-y is to take myself out on a little me-date. I think not doing this was actually part of my problem earlier this month. It was just too cold to want to leave the apartment!

You don’t have to do anything crazy. Just talking a walk and stopping in somewhere you like for a snack and a coffee can do it. There’s something that feels so luxurious about reading a book in a cafe, taking your time to savour each sip of your coffee.

I also really enjoy going to the movies by myself. I know that a lot of people seem to think this is weird, but hear me out: it’s not like you’re talking during the movie. You’re sitting in a dark room, staring at a big screen for a couple of hours. Even if someone notices that you came in alone, they’re going to stop thinking about that the second the trailers start (and probably even sooner).

Try Something New

I started teaching myself calligraphy last year during a rut. The crazy thing is, as unhappy as I was to be in the rut, I’m sort of grateful for it now because I probably wouldn’t have taken the time otherwise.

Although learning a new skill is great, you can also go out and try something new. Even though I wasn’t sure that the symphony would be my jam (and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was), it was nice just to do something different.

Having a bit of variety to our experiences is so helpful. Even if it’s something as simple as trying a new coffee shop or getting your groceries from a different store, breaking from your regular routine can do wonders to get you out of your rut.

Rearrange Your Space

I can’t count how many times I rearranged my room when I was in my last two years of University. I think my bed was positioned just about every way it possibly could have been, multiple times. I’d be sick of studying, tired of my surroundings, and just generally blah, so I’d switch things up.

In my current apartment, it’s a little harder to move furniture around because the layout means that there’s actually a pretty small number of ways that I can arrange it. So instead of moving furniture, I rearrange stuff. Not only does this make things look fresh, but, frankly, it’s a productive use of unwanted spare time.

Be Patient

No rut lasts forever. Sure, when you’re in it, it feels interminable. But eventually things change and you’ll be busy again. And you know what? Then you’ll long for that spare time that you had!

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