Marvel Marathon Update

I’m almost at the halfway point in my Marvel movie marathon mission, and I have some thoughts about what I’ve watched so far.

Since my original post, I’ve made some solid progress in my mission to watch all the Marvel movies before Black Panther comes out (my original goal was Infinity Wars, until I realized that Black Panther comes out first and is earlier in the story order, too). I’ve managed to check the following movies off my list (with Captain America: The First Avenger having already been crossed off before I posted last time):

  • Iron Man (1, 2, and 3)
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Thor
  • The Avengers

I’ve found watching these in story order to be really helpful. For example, I don’t think I would have fully understood Tony’s mental state in Iron Man 3 if I hadn’t watched The Avengers first (and known that it happened prior to the events of Iron Man 3). Similarly, there were a lot of jokes at Captain America’s expense that I didn’t really get the first time around. I kind of just thought he was out of touch with popular culture, not that he’d been frozen for generations.

I also have some questions and stray observations. Here they are, in no particular order.

Howard Stark is totally named after Howard Hughes, right?

When I was watching the first Captain America and Agent Carter, I became convinced that Howard Stark was based on Howard Hughes. I mean, genius playboy inventor who also has a movie studio? They’re pretty much the same person, just one has better hygiene and fewer mommy issues. (PS: the You Must Remember This episodes that cover Howard Hughes are fascinating. Highly recommend.)

Where is Agent Carter now?

Is she still alive when Steve/Cap is unfrozen? And why isn’t that the first thing he asks about? Like if I were frozen tomorrow and woke up 60 years in the future, the first thing I would do would be to ask about my loved ones. Maybe that’s why I’m not a super hero? (Definitely the only reason. Has nothing to do with my lack of strength and abilities.)

What kind of jackass uses themselves as a guinea pig?

Sure, it’s better than using someone else. But even so, it was Titanic-level arrogance with similarly deadly consequences to innocent people.

I’m neither Team Stark nor Team Cap

Maybe this will change as I keep watching, but I don’t really like either one of them. Cap is way too bland, but Tony is just such an asshole. I mean, I know that’s the whole point, but can’t I just be Team Pepper? (Somewhere in LA, Gwyneth sensed me write this and steamed her vagina in celebration.)

Why could Tony suddenly take out his arc reactor?

He spent the whole of the second movie sick because of this thing, but he couldn’t remove it or he’d die. Why suddenly in film 3 is he able to be like, “you know what, I’m good now.” It’s not last season’s shoes; it’s the thing that’s allegedly keeping you alive. Was it actually just a really weird fashion statement all this time, and he finally decided, “well, I guess this trend’s not catching on, better switch it up”?

So Odin could send Thor back to Earth whenever?

I was super confused when Thor showed up in The Avengers because at the end of Thor, he was stranded in Asgard. Loki later makes some throwaway comment about Odin conjuring dark matter to get Thor there. But if Odin could do that, why wouldn’t he do it so that Thor could reunite with Natalie Portman (I’m too lazy to look up her character’s name)? And won’t Natalie be pissed when she sees her space-Viking boyfriend on TV, zooming around NYC? (Although it kills me to think of Thor pulling a Julia Roberts “who’s Natalie?”)

So that’s where I’m at. I only have 10 movies to go before I see Black Panther. I don’t think I’ll be ready to watch it opening night (that would be close to a movie every two days, and I have a lot of other stuff going on in the next few weeks), but I’ll definitely see it while it’s still in the theatre.

What are your favourite Marvel movies? Am I totally out to lunch with my questions? School me in the comments (I already know I’m going to regret saying that).

  1. I wasn’t much of a Cap fan either until Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. LOVED that movie (and it answers the Agent Carter question, too).



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