One Brave Night 2018

In 2015, a little more than six months after receiving treatment at CAMH, I started hearing about this event called Darkness to Light. The premise was simple: get people to sponsor you to stay up all night, and the funds you raised would go to the CAMH Foundation. Fiona and I enthusiastically signed up and started planning our evening.


The event–which has since been renamed “One Brave Night”–is now a yearly tradition for me.  I love that it serves as an excuse to get together with some of your favourite people and pull an all-nighter doing fun things like playing board games or crying with laughter over cheesy TV.

This year, I had the honor of being chosen as one of the ambassadors for the event, which means that I shared a bit about my story and had photos taken for an ad:

one brave night

Image (C) CAMH Foundation

Although I’m always happy to share my story, the idea of the photoshoot… well, I have well-documented issues with having my picture taken, so I was pretty anxious. Thankfully, their photographer did a great job of putting me at ease, and I left feeling good–great, even. (Grood?)

This year, our team–The Lionel Richies, thus named because we’re raising funds all night long–is bigger than ever, so we’ll be doing the event at my parents’ house where we have more space. I’m looking forward to a fun-filled night of board games, movies, and general merriment. I love that I can give back to the organization that helped me so much by doing things that bring me joy.

If you’re interested in sponsoring me, check out my One Brave Night participant page. I’ll also be documenting our progress throughout the night using the hashtag #TheLionelRichies2018 in case you’re curious to see how we’re making out. (3AM is when things tend to get really interesting because that seems to be when everyone gets the giggles.)

Like the sound of the event? There’s also still time to sign up!

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