Oh, hey

Well… it’s been a while. Like, nearly five months. Although I’d planned to let myself have a bit of a break, I hadn’t thought it would be quite this long.

So where have I been? Well, simply put, I got a little burned out on the whole blogging thing. What started as a fun pastime began to feel like an obligation. I think the biggest problem was that I went from just writing about what I felt like writing about, whenever I felt like it, to trying to make this into something it’s just… not.

I was taking this web editing course, and a lot of what we learned about was how to present content in a way that would get more clicks. So I started tailoring what I was writing, and even how I was writing, to what could help me get more views. And you know what: the funny thing was that the harder I tried, the worse my stats were.

Sure, I think some things are helpful, like trying to write in shorter, more digestible sentences, or breaking your content into chunks. But a lot of the other stuff, like having a number in your titles or timing your posts for certain and trends felt a lot less… authentic? And I think people can sense that lack of authenticity. I certainly felt it, and with every post, I felt less and less into what I was doing. What’s the point of a hobby if you’re not even enjoying it?

I don’t think it helped that I was so burnt out with the rest of my life, too. At the start of April, I put in my notice at the place I’d been working for more than six years. Although I loved my team there, it was definitely time to move on. (If I’m honest, it had been time to move on for more than a year.) Since I wasn’t really ready to talk much about my new job yet (at least not publicly, on the internet), and it was pretty much all that was on my mind at the time, I wasn’t really sure what to write about.


A pastel drawing of my all-time favourite GIF, Bee Cat, done by one of my amazing former team members

Now, I’m settled in at the new job and I love it there. It’s a great fit for me, and the difference in my happiness level is evident in all facets of my life. I’m just generally a much nicer person to be around (at least, I think I am!), and I have so much more energy for stuff outside of work–but that could also be because I’m no longer working insane hours (I really hope I didn’t just jinx it…).

(There was other stuff going on in that timeframe, too, but I’ll cover that in a separate post where it makes more sense and I can get into things in more detail.)

So here I am, back at the whole blogging thing. Instead of trying to commit myself to a strict schedule right away, I’m just going to post whatever, whenever. (I do, however, have a ton of ideas brewing for Halloween costume posts, which are still my absolute favourite type of post!)

In the meantime, here’s what it looks like over here when I try to work around Maury. I figure there are worse ways to try to write, right?


  1. Happy to have your blog back and am looking forward to your Halloween magic.



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