Day 1: Surprise, Bitch

It’s that time of year again where I dress up in costume and take pictures of myself! Although I’ve been super excited to start into the costumes, I actually have fewer ideas than I did last year (it’s possible that 12 was a bit ambitious?), so this year will be seven days straight of costume-y fun, starting today!

This first costume is slightly open to interpretation. I was aiming for Madison “Surprise Bitch” Montgomery from American Horror Story: Coven (and, more recently, AHS: Apocalypse), but when I was editing the photos, I realized that maybe they looked a little more Stevie Nicks. Either way, it was really fun to embody the most stylish season (so far) of AHS.

I’ve had a somewhat complicated relationship with AHS over the years. I was obsessed with the first season (Murder House), but found the second one (Asylum) to be… a little much? I know that’s a wildly unpopular opinion, and that most people feel that Asylum was the best season of the series, but to me it felt like there were just way too many elements thrown into the story (off the top of my head: serial killers, demonic possession, zombies, Nazis, and aliens… but I’m sure I’m missing a ton). I much preferred the pared down (at least by comparison) approach to Murder House.

After Asylum, I wasn’t sure if I’d continue with Season 3 (Coven). I figured I’d give it an episode or two before deciding. 

When I saw the first outfit, I was hooked. While I still think that Murder House had the better story, I couldn’t resist the season’s aesthetics. I mean, the hats alone. Then I nearly died of joy when they had a cameo from STEVIE. EFFING. NICKS.

(Somewhat unrelated, but now that I’m remembering Myrtle’s iconic war cry of “BALENCIAGA!” as she was burned at the stake, I regret not basing my costume on her. There’s always next year!)

I tried my best with season 4 (Freak Show) and the ones that followed, but none of them really pulled me in the same way. I don’t think I even bothered with last season (Cult). But as soon as I heard that the current season (Apocalypse) merged the stories from seasons 1 and 3, I was into it. Last week’s episode (directed by Sarah Paulson) was one of my favourites of the entire series, both stylistically and story-wise. It also let us see much more depth to Madison’s character–hence my costume choice. 

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