Day 7: Baby Jane Hudson

Last year, my favourite costume was Regan MacNeil. I loved figuring out how to mix up fake vomit (even though I couldn’t get the smell out of my nose for days) and taking pictures that freaked me out. This year, I had the most fun with Baby Jane Hudson. I sense a theme: I like looking terrible.
God, I love this movie. Bette Davis looks like she’s having so much fun. (I mean, even beyond her getting to torture Joan Crawford.) I read once that she came up with the makeup look on her own, sensing that her character would be the type to just cake it on. It was definitely the right decision, the perfect visual cue to her mental state. And, I can confirm: it’s really fun to apply layer after layer of layer of makeup. I think I ended up with about three layers each of (thick, full-coverage) foundation and liberally-applied powder, plus a truly insane amount of lipstick (which got smeared at one point, but I kept it because it just added to the effect). Less fun: scrubbing all of it off when I was finished.
I wanted to replicate her curls, but my hair just wasn’t cooperating. I suspect that the barrel of my curling iron is slightly too large to get the tight ringlets that Baby Jane rocks (a carry-over from her days as a child star), so I just went with messy instead. Maybe we can consider it an updated take on the look?
One of my favourite scenes is where Baby Jane manically sings “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy”, as if she’s still a child vaudeville star. Bette Davis’s performance is so creepy and unsettling, especially once Jane gets close enough to the mirror to see that she’s not that child star anymore. In fact, I loved the scene so much that I based a lot of the photos on it (and I can’t tell you how fun it was to sing in my Jane-iest voice):
I’ll leave you with one of my other favourite moments: “Oh, Blanche? You know we got rats in the cellar?”
Happy Halloween!

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