Category: Home Decor

No More Kitchen Chaos

I gave my chaotic kitchen a much-needed makeover. It only took a podcast and (quite) a few broken dishes to get there.

Loving It: My New Duvet

Few things make me more irritable than not being able to sleep. The second I start tossing and turning, I'm immediately angry. If I'm too hot or cold, or my legs are itchy, or I just can't turn off my brain... it just all... UGH. And don't you dare disturb my slumber. Because of my ...

My Halls Are Officially Decked

I'm all decorated for Christmas, and my place is looking festive and cozy AF.

2017 Holiday Decor Trends

(or My Christmas Starts... NOW!) Everyone has a different measure for when it's socially acceptable to start celebrating the holidays, whether it's after Remembrance Day, after US Thanksgiving, or not until December 1. For me, the holidays really start the day of the Jolly Holly Festive Tour in my home town. The tour always runs ...

Cleaning Out My Closet

My closet is no longer a vortex of horror.

Bedroom Mini Makeover

(or: Reorg Out of a Rut) Editor's note: This is not a sponsored post. I just really like all the things I bought! Whenever I feel like I'm in a rut, I reorganize my apartment. Little ruts usually lead to small changes in decor; big ruts can lead to new furniture or moving around existing ...

Balcony Makeover

(or: This Is Where I Live Now) (Note: This post is not sponsored, nor was I sent any free products. I just genuinely love everything I bought and wanted to share!) From the first time I came for a viewing, I've loved my current apartment. Because it's in an older building, the unit is relatively ...