The Secret Diary of Julie Palmer

I found some old diaries that prove I was always a weirdo.

Cleaning Out My Closet

My closet is no longer a vortex of horror.

Freaky Fall Flicks

My 13 (I swear that wasn't intentional) favourite scary movies for fall.

Summer Recap

(or: What I Did This Summer) Although fall is my favourite season (you can pry my sweaters, boots, and pumpkin scented products out of my cold, dead hands) (weirdly, though, I have no love for the PSL), I have to admit that this summer was pretty great. It was quite relaxing, and I got to ...

My Favourite Article of Clothing

(or My "Sequence" Jacket) I know it's probably a little "extra" to write an entire blog post about a single piece of clothing. It's probably extra-"extra" when that piece of clothing happens to be a vintage sequined jacket. But, then, I'm a little extra. Last year, I went to LA with one of my best ...

Coming Off of Prozac

(or Thank You and Farewell, Dear Friend) Note: I am not a medical professional. This should be taken as my personal experience, rather than medical advice. Always consult your prescribing physician before making any decisions about your medication and/or mental health plan. A couple weeks ago, I made a big decision: I was going to ...

Bullet Journal Update

(or: BJ 102 if ya still nasty) It's been a little over a year since I first posted about my love of (ok, obsession with) bullet journaling. Although I've changed up my methods, I still live by this system, and I probably wouldn't get a single thing done if it wasn't written down. (I try ...

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