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Day 9: Leatherface

(Or: "My family's always been in meat.") Yes, I know, that quote wasn't actually from Leatherface, but other than grunts and screams, he doesn't really have any lines. Anyway, I already mentioned a couple weeks ago how much I like this movie. Yes, there are some things that are problematic about it (especially its treatment ...

The Kings and I

(or I Guess It's in Bad Taste to Say I'm His "Number One Fan"...) I read my first Stephen King novel at around 12 years old. Although my parents were relatively strict about some things (curfew, in particular), I was always given the freedom to read whatever I wanted. After tearing through The Shining, I ...

Freaky Fall Flicks

My 13 (I swear that wasn't intentional) favourite scary movies for fall.