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Oh, hey

Well... it's been a while. Like, nearly five months. Although I'd planned to let myself have a bit of a break, I hadn't thought it would be quite this long. So where have I been? Well, simply put, I got a little burned out on the whole blogging thing. What started as a fun pastime ...

Dadzart: My Night at TSO

My Dad and I (both symphony newbies) spent an evening at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Check out the blog post to see how we enjoyed it and how I tricked him into booking the day off work.

On 33

(or: 30 Under 30 is Bullshit) Three has always been my favorite number. I was born on the 3rd. I like odd numbers and asymmetry. There are three peopleĀ in my immediate family. At any one time, I've always had three very close friends (even if the three changed over time). So I'm pretty excited to ...